The factory “Marculesti-Combi” started its activity in 1984, but the new modern production line of compound feed “BIG BOY” started its activity in 2013, on the territory of the agro-industrial complex of the JSC “Marculesti-Combi”. For implementation of this project we have combined experience of leading specialists in the feed industry and knowledges of the realities of domestic livestock production, as well as advanced European and world technologies for the production of high-quality, effective, balanced, full-fledged compound feed and protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates for the breeding of farm animals and poultry.

The factory ensures the full production cycle, including all the complex of stages from grain processing to the production of unique compound feed and concentrates, packaging and shipping of the product.

The production of compound feed and concentrates “BIG BOY” is carried out on high-tech equipment of the Hungarian company “Multimix” with full computerization and automation of the entire production process.”BIG BOY” is a range of products that meets all European requirements and standards. Balanced full-fledged compound feed and homogeneous protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates of the trade mark “BIG BOY” are packed into bags of 10, 25, 40 kg and can be shipped by vehicles or railway on customer’s request.

The factory’s laboratory is certified in accordance with international standard ISO: 9001